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A few years ago I created a series of short devotionals on the Eucharist for our campus ministry’s Spring Break retreat. Intended to be for personal contemplation before evening worship, they became a fast favorite for our group and were used in future events, but I always wanted them to have the opportunity to reach a broader audience.

Then one day, someone on a Facebook group said there was an app that was trying to get off the ground and was looking for writers. The purpose of the content was to provide a resource along the lines of other Bible apps (including the text itself in various versions, as well as devotional series of varying lengths, and links to further exploration), but to do all of this from a more “progressive” standpoint. So much Christian content has to do with creating more certainty, solidifying doctrinal views, and allaying doubts, rather than encouraging people deeper into questions and darkness. Such forays into doubt and uncertainty can be intimidating, both for the person experiencing it, who then has to cope with the diverging views and practices between themselves and their community – and for those producing the content, since backlash from people who disagree can often mean losing prized shelf or site space, or even a job.

Anyway, when I  heard about this infant app project, I quickly asked to participate and began working up new content, but I also came back to my Eucharist series. I wrote a brief introduction for it, a new final piece, and heavily edited the older ones. That was back in May. Today I’m happy to present my first entry on the OurBible site (and soon, app!): An Eight Day Journey Into Eucharist. Please enjoy, explore the site, download the app when it comes out, and keep following for the rest of the posts – both these and future ones that will hopefully feature my work.


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