Drunk Church History

Stories from life and faith . . . as told after a few beers.

Join Joshua and co-host Lucas Allen in this bi-weekly dive into the greatest (and worst) moments of the Church’s history.

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25.Christian Sexual Morality, 1: Pre-Christendom Drunk Church History

Roman romance novels📕 ! Pederasty😬 ! Penis Nicknames🍆 ! In the first part of our new series on the history of Christian sexual morality, we dive into the world in which this new faith was birthed and spread: the pax romana of the high Roman Empire. Featuring Mikala Casey
  1. 25.Christian Sexual Morality, 1: Pre-Christendom
  2. 24. Contemporary Christian Music with Schweezy
  3. 23. Teresa of Calcutta
  4. 22. Why Church (History)? with Brad Polley
  5. 21. Ephrem the Syrian
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