Drunk Church History

Stories from life and faith . . . as told after a few beers.

Join Joshua and co-host Lucas Allen in this bi-weekly dive into the greatest (and worst) moments of the Church’s history.

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Christian Sexual Morality, 3: The Early Church Drunk Church History

Purposeful castration!? 🍆✂️ Anal hair plucking! 🍑 The discovery of free will!? ⚖️ In this third installment of ongoing series on the history of Christian sexual morality, we explore the usage of Pauline literature by the first three centuries of Church leaders. Primary source:  From Shame to Sin: The Christian Transformation of Sexual Morality in Late Antiquity, Kyle Harper
  1. Christian Sexual Morality, 3: The Early Church
  2. 26. Christian Sexual Morality, 2: Second Temple Judaism with Dr. Rebecca Kamholz
  3. 25.Christian Sexual Morality, 1: Pre-Christendom
  4. 24. Contemporary Christian Music with Schweezy
  5. 23. Teresa of Calcutta
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